Shipping to The Netherlands?

So i found this site and i must say that it is really nice. Lots of cool species and morphs i dont see much here.

What is the shipping fee to The Netherlands??

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Shipping depends on each individual seller and where they are located compared to you. I’d suggest talking to a seller when you see a reptile you are interested in and ask them about shipping costs.

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Shipping from the US will vary and usually breeders will require a minimum purchase amount, a lot can be involved from Health certificate, to C.I.T.E.S (depending on the species) to import and export.

The way to go if you do not find a breeder that exports will be to find a broker (of course involving a third party can be tricky as well) , you can also have your animals ship to the Hamm show in Europe and pick them up there, or you can do a group purchase with other buyers if the breeder’s minimum amount is not met.

Generally speaking you will be looking at $500 to $1000 easily just for shipping.

Best is to start with breeder who do export.

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There are a fairly good amount of breeders in the Netherlands. I would recommend looking where you are first before having to pay alot for shipping if you buy from a U.S. breeder


A lot of European sellers on morph market also go to the terrarium fair in Houten near Utrecht (4 times a year all types of reptiles and in oktober Snakeday) or/and to Terraristika in Hamm, about 90 minutes drive from Dutch border. Expecially in Hamm but also Houten they come from all over Europe, from Denmark to Italie, from Romania and Bulgaria to Britian. I last even saw the guy from Mutation Creation Canada, a Bob Clark stand and some of the big British breeders from Youtube there. Just check their page. A lott of them already have listed that they can carry the there for like 25% deposit. I don’t know where you live in Holland and if you have been there already. If you haven’t it is worth it. In Houten I got my reptile addiction :grin:.

On top of that, you can see the snake before you really buy, get the chance talk to the breeder personally and , to be honest, I trust my own way of transporting more than the one from the shipping company. Bought myself two of my snakes in Hamm and three in Houten. Four of the breeders are also on morph market.