Shipping with Covid-19

In the last few weeks I have purchased 3 snakes, a visual high white pied, a bumble bee ghost, and a het ghost pastel, vanilla fire. I have had 0 problems shipping to FedEx hubs

Real quick someone that has done this before…when I submit the order on SYR does it give me a label to print out or something at home, an email confirmation, or does it just put and order in Fedex system that they can look up at the hub when I go to ship?

It does all of that. It gives you a label, email confirmation, and a tracking number that automatically shows up when you put the tracking number into the fed ex site


Huge Kudos to Fedex. I dropped a girl off at my FedEx hub at 6pm yesterday evening here in Indianapolis and she is already delivered to my customer’s doorstep in Wisconsin.
I expected a 24 hour delay, not bad. Not bad at all!


I told you she would get there just fine! It’s scary when you ship for the first time but just becomes a regular thing once you see how it all works.


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I just wanted to give this a bump and ask everyone again. Is everybody comfortable enough with the shipping situations to resume shipping as “normal”? I’m wanting to do what’s safest for the snake, but I have a customer or two getting a little antsy with the duration of the wait, so I want to make sure I’m not being TOO cautious.

@stewart_reptiles Deb, I know you were waiting until at least May 4th, and I was wanting to try to follow your example. Have you been shipping throughout this month with little to no issues?

I have been shipping out, but only to fedex hubs for pick up. Both the customer and i have to comfortable with shipping conditions. I have been holding on to some until things get better and i am perfectly fine with that. Safety of the animals is always first and foremost. If the customer is not ok with that then they get a refund.


Thanks for the response, Mary! I think you’re holding onto one for me, and I really do appreciate it!

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yep :grin: She is hanging out and getting fat.

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I have resumed shipping on May fourth, my shipping procedure right now is a bit different than what it normally is, I ship Tuesdays for Wednesdays delivery to the hub.

Until things resume to normal I want to use extreme caution and according to SYR website Mondays seems to be the days with the most delays being observed.

So far I have not had any issues.

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Have received 2 snakes so far and another coming today. No issues with delays or with the snakes themselves. Id say everything is good.

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Shipped one out and one in, the one coming in had a 24 hour delay in Memphis.

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Thank you, Deborah! Have either you or @wreckroomsnakes adjusted how you’re packing your boxes to prepare for delays or are you packing as you normally would?

packing as i normally do. I always pack as if there may be a delay.

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I have always packed the same way and shipping within the same temp range and while I have experienced several delays 8 in a 2 year time frame when it used to be 1 a year, I never had issues.

Like Mary said always pack expecting delays.

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How do you pack, if you don’t mind me asking? I mostly only know the standard guideline without delays, so I don’t know if or how I should adjust.

I normally use newspaper or packing paper around the animal (animal in bag/deli cup), and a heat pack if indicated, taped to the top. Is there anything I should do differently? I also recently bought polyfil to use as a packing material, because it seems to be a little more “cushy” than the paper.

Personally i always use a 11 x 11 x 7 box, where as other i’ve seen mostly use the 7 x 7 x 7 box. I have been using packing paper but thinking about possibly changing to polyfil, although i the paper seems pretty cushy enough. i always include a phase 22 cyro pack in my boxes, it helps to regulate the temp so they don’t over heat or get too cool. I will include a link for you to get more info on them if you are interested. Then a heat pack/cold pack depending on temps. I also punch small holes in the sides of the box for air flow.


I guess I should’ve included that! I’ve been using the 12 x 9 x 6 box with holes poked through on each of the short sides for airflow. I did order some cryo packs to try, but I would love your input on how best to use them!

If it going to be warm out above 80* i freeze the cyro pack so it will keep the box cooler as it changes state from solid to liquid.

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