Shipping Mishaps

I just ordered a ball python and recieved him today dead upon arrival through FedEx. There was no delay in shipping and he got here in under 24hrs, but his box was damaged and I and the seller believe FedEx was very negligent with handling. I’ve never experienced this before and can only imagine that it’s due to short staffing that results in employees working faster.
A heartbreaking experience…

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I’m so sorry, Vanessa! I can’t even imagine finding that when opening up one of the boxes. It’s something I wish nobody ever had to experience.


Call SYR or whoever it shipped through. They have channels they can go back through to try and stop it from happening in the future.

I’m so sorry that absolutely sucks :frowning:

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How damaged was the box? Was there a heat pack, cool pack, air holes? I am just curious because this was a picture a customer sent me of the box i sent him. He picked up from the fedex hub and the snake was still alive.
Proper packing makes a big difference.


Holy crap! how does something like that even happen? That just seems to me like the delivery company was just straight up careless. It is obvious whats in the box so why would they be so careless?


The seller is filing a claim. It’s the first time it’s happened to him too.
And thank you very much!

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My box was less damaged then that! But it was packed tightly, air holes and had a heat pack. I honestly dont know what happened, the poor guy was mangled looking.
I called the seller right away and he was shocked, and heartbroken because it was one of his holdbacks. He issued me a refund right away.

I’m disappointed to that FedEx didnt even knock, they literally just left it at my door at my apartment complex, luckily (I dont know if lucky is the right word in this case) I have the tracking ap and got him 2 minutes after he was dropped off.

Thank you very much! <3

The seller can file a claim however it will be a waste of time, right now all third parties have turned off their live arrival guarentee as well as their on time guarentee, and when it comes to fedex itself they do not guarentee anything when it comes to animal shipments they make that very clear when you get certified.

So it is up to the breeder to honor the live arrival out of his pocket.

SYR can follow back channels with FedEx to “lobby” in a way so while for this instance it might be a “waste” I trust the folks at SYR are trying to represent people as best they can so big picture I’d still 100% give the feedback where you can. We’re all in this together


Wow I’m so sorry for you. I barely sleep while animals are being shipped.