Shocked myself with the heat mat, now what?

So, in order to organize my room I decided to have my guys stacked on a metalic shelving.
I was adjusting the height of each shelf and had the heating mats connected and each on each shelve, the tubs with the snakes were apart from this attempt of a rack XD
One of the screws was really hard and stuck and took me an awful lot of time and effort to get it out ( probably causing friction and energy) well the shelve drops and so does the heating mat and when I grab the mat to put it back on the shelve I got shocked in my right hand, now I’m scared af that this happens again as I dont know much about electricity and I have always being ridicolous scared of electric shocks
Can someone give me some insight on what could be the problem and how to avoid/fix it?
I’m using thin cardboards to separate the heating mats from the metalic shelves but I’d highly appreciate any knowledgable tip you can give me.
The heat mats are the flex watt and I have them plugged to a thermostat


Always make sure any type of electronics are unplugged before messing with them.

[Edit… Missed the flex-watt at the end]
if there’s any type of damage to them it may be safer to just have them replaced. If there’s any exposed areas (rub damage or sharp bending) they can cause spots where overheating happen as well as the shock


You stated it fell. It probably pulled the cord out enough to have contact with you. Check to see if you have any wires ends showing. If there are, it might be fixable. If you can not do it or don’t want to, then have it replaced. It sounds like it just got damaged when it fell.

As already stated, also look for rub marks on all of them. If the tubs are rubbing on then when being moved all the time, it can ware it out and expose the element and this can shock you. If they s is the case, replace all that showed whare. Or, you could use electrical tape to cover them. But for the cost, replacement is probably the best option.
If you can send a picture of it, both side, we would have a better idea.