Short Videos as Topics?

Can you post short videos as topics? If so how? I’d love to be able to share some short videos of fun little snake behaviors I’ve captured. Is that even allowed on a forum?


I think that would be a fun idea if it’s permissible! And if so maybe we can do it the same way we post pictures? I really have no idea! I have not even been able to do the “quote” thing! Lol! :upside_down_face::joy::sunglasses:


Haha it took me a little while to get that one down myself, lol! :joy:

Your phone probably works different from mine, but i can do it the same as how i would typically ‘highlight’ text on my phone. By holding my thumb down on the text until the highlights appears. (My highlight shows up as blue) and then the forum automatically pops in a ‘quote’ button!


Like this? Thank you!!! :blush::+1:



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You can upload them to a video hosting site such as YouTube and post the link as the title to the topic on here, the forum software will tidy it up automatically.

We can post videos directly on to the forum, however there are 2 road blocks.

  1. I cannot get it to work for the life of me.
  2. We pay for storage on the forum so that no picture are lost from older posts (if you go to some older forums you will see 90% the images are not available any more). Hosting videos, especially with most smartphone recording Full HD now, will put us in a totally diffrent realm of cloud space needs.

Yeah, we want to see them!

10000% allowed. Just be sure its PG :blush: