Should I be worried

Hey guys, so I noticed one day my beardie began to just stop basking at around 5:00pm, he has temps at 108-120,
(Yes, I know 120 is high but I made a separate area at 108) and he hasn’t pooped in 3 or 4 days I have given him less bugs but even then, in that four day span he has had 2 meals. and not only is he not basking he is on the farthest edge of the cool end (where he usually sleeps because it is darker.)
he just turned 9 months, any suggestions?

Edit: I also added a rock a few days ago to see if he wanted to bask on that HE HAD ALREADY STOPPED BASKING) and if I put him on the basking spot, he stays there but beardies are notoriously lazy, so I don’t want it to become a habit as I have school 7 hours a day.

Edit: 2 I also should mention that I get home at four and I have a hard time catching bugs for him to eat idk why. so I feed him about 4:10-6:00 but the problem is he doesn’t go in bask.

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Are you catching bugs for him from outside? I’m no expert in beardie temps so someone else would need to help there, but bugs from outside can have parasites and compounded pesticides that your beardie could be hurt by.
If I misinterpreted your words here, my apologies, but it is recommended to never ever feed wild caught insects, use store or small business bought as they are somewhat required to be parasite free

oh no I would never I mean roachs in my breeding setup are just hard to catch don’t worry I did my research!

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Didn’t mean to imply otherwise, just wanted to make sure just in case! As someone without a roach set up, I didn’t consider how tricky it might be to catch the buggers!

Just wanted to be able to cross off parasites from outside bugs as a possibility! :heart:

oh no don’t worry but I had a terrifying revelation, he may have yellow fungus I noticed lemon yellow spots on his face that were not there as I had just handled him about 3 hours before, my mom said that people on facebook said that it is normal for yellow bearded dragons after they had just shed… but it is face book, so I am not super sure.

Oh dear! Could you take a picture of him?
I, again, am NOT a beardie expert, but a dragon I cared for briefly many years ago died from beard rot, which was like black scale rot on his face and beard. I never saw it in the early stages, so idk if it can start yellow. If it can, we will want it identified and treated ASAP!

IKR but I am still a bit hesitant I mean he has grown, and his temps are on point and it’s on his face, supposedly it usually appears in the groin and armpits.

No sign of mites? Do the spots appear in random areas on the face or are they concentrated more around the ears/eyes/nostrils?

I’ve heard from other posts that @westridge and @phantomdragons are good with beardie stuff, so they may know more about general care, or know someone who might.
I’ll step back at this point, as I’ve exhausted my knowledge on bearded dragons and don’t want to accidentally pass on misinformation or make you worrry any more.
I’m glad you seem to be taking good care of your beardie and are actively concerned about their behavioral and physiological changes, those are signs of a good keeper, hopefully someone else can help out.
Good luck!

most concentrated around the mouth let me get pictures really quick

Sorry can’t get image rn need to head to school will try to get in 7 hours lol

Concentration around something like the mouth, eyes, ears, nose, or genitals is for sure more of a concern in my opinion. I’m hoping someone with more beardie experience can help

If you look right around the you can see a lemon yellow spot there

Ok update he has pooped once and is not basking still, I really need help here guys please! He has gotten worse aka he is still not basking and I need to try I few more things giving him a bath and changing an aspect of the enclosure that he may not be liking. that’s all I can try and I am hoping for a vacation can ANY BEARDIE EXPERTS PLEASE HELP.

@westridge might be able to help. How are you measuring temperatures? Are you cross-checking the thermostat with others? The only thing I can think of would be that the temperatures are off.

honestly the temps are a bit off (instead of 90f at the basking (air temp) its 96 at MAX)
and I am working on, it’s a lot do, I have a lot of school all the sudden so I swear I am trying, also for cross checking the temp measure I am is what my dad uses in his properties. (he does real estate)

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