Should I be worried?

I have my first snake. A female albino western hognose. She is almost a year old. She has been MIA for well over a week now. She was heavy in blue for about 4 days. I would peak in on her, but just left her alone because it seemed she was miserable. Frankly, I was just trying to make sure I still could see her breathing or tell that she had moved. Her eyes have now cleared, but I have seen no shed and she is staying mostly hidden. She is moving between her heated hide and her cool hide but that is about it. Definitely not like her. She last ate on June 7 and ate well. Typically, 3 to 4 days after eating she is cruising around her tank like crazy. Is this typical? Should I be trying to offer her water while she is in her hide? Should I offer her a mouse in her? She has certainly shed many times before, and I have just never seen this behavior. I am sure this is a total newbie question, but I just want to make sure I am not missing something for her.

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@stewart_reptiles I believe your experience with the cobers is needed. I would say she is staying hidden while she sheds or is just stressed. Not sure which.

This is normal shedding behavior, and they always clear up before they shed. Double check that your temperatures are correct and if they are, don’t worry about it. Offering food is up to you, she may or may not eat while in shed.


And check humidity. Raise it up to assist in the shedding.