Should I breed mice or ASF rats?

So a little back story, I have a 7 year old ball python female that is a notorious mouser who only eats about 6 months of the year. She has been this way her whole life despite me trying all of the tricks in the book and triple checking her environment. I have to feed her four mice every week just to try to keep her weight up which is expensive and tiring so I’ve decided to breed feeders on a small scale. My problem is I’m not sure if I should stick to mice that I know she likes or try ASF since they are bigger so she wouldn’t need as many. Does anyone breed both? If so which would you recommend and why?

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A buddy of mine breeds his own ASF and he has used them to get mousers to switch and has worked for the most part. The hard part though is just finding someone who sells them because my friend had to go out of his way to drive fairly far to buy some.

I actually just found a guy with some who is only an hour and a half away so I think I’ll go with those. Thank you!

I see ASFs starting to pick up steam among hobbyists, I say go for it. I would like to do the same eventually as well.

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