Should I feed 2 pinkies at once, or 1 pinky more frequently?

My corn snake is getting a little too big to only have one pinky mouse every 5 days, but she is too small to eat the fuzzy mice. During this awkward in between stage, should I feed her 2 pinkies in one feeding session? Or should I feed her one pinky at a time, but more frequently than every 5 days?


what size pinky are you feeding? you can probably feed large pinkys every 5 days


They are around 1.5 grams I would say. Thats true, I could try to find some pinkys that are larger.


What does she weigh? I wouldn’t go more frequently than every 5 days except in very specific circumstances. I like to move to peach fuzzies (3-4 grams) when they’re too big for pinkies but not quite ready for regular fuzzies. But double pinkies are also fine if you can’t find peach fuzzies. I move them up when they’re around 15 grams.


How much of a feeding lump/bulge is visible after your snake eats now? How long does that last?

If I have peach fuzzies, as @solarserpents says, I will feed those beginning about when the snake hits 15 g. If I don’t have peach fuzzies, I’ll do double pinks but generally wait until more like 17 g weight for that. As you move them up in prey size, it’s a good idea to consider spacing the feedings out a bit more, perhaps 6-7 day intervals rather than 5 days.