Should I get a dhp

I was thing of getting a deal heat projector for my reptile is it worth it over a ceramic heat bulb or a heat mat ? Just asking people who have used a dhp and heat bulb or heat mat

What kind of reptile would you use these products for?

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I would use it on a Leo

I got one of these because it has been boasted how good they are. I’m not denying that they aren’t efficient or that they don’t heat up the ground really well but. If your animal doesn’t benefit from basking in my own opinion don’t waste the money. I had my first leopard on one and he was never normal till I put him back on belly heat. He was out less, less active and not great bowel movements. Everything opposite they claim it does. He did manage but after putting him on belly heat he is super active and healthy. Granted he came from a breeder being rack raised but the bulb was over kill and as much as it heated the ground. He rarely spent time under or near it. Now after eating he plops right onto his thermostat probe and bakes himself. Before he avoided the area and was lathargic. I say they have done a good job marketing all of there products.

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Ok unless other people make other claims in the comments I probably going to go with the heat mat thanks m8

Would my Retic benefit if I swapped out my CHE for a DHE?

If the sciences behind the bulb are true then yes. I would consider it a more efficient CHE Without knowing. It runs the same way it takes time for it to “penetrate” and get the the desired temps. Again I’m no expert and have limited experience with a 60w version

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Personally I wouldn’t use either a DHE or CHE for my retics. I use belly heat with heat tape, and let that create an ambient temperature in their enclosure. CHE take out a lot of humidity, DHE not as much but still more than you’d want in my opinion and experiences. If you wanted to use a bulb, I would opt for a UTH with a UV light. A full spectrum bulb can create more clarity in color with their scales and overall scale health. About 2-3 hours a day would work.
And with how retics explore and destroy their enclosures, if you did use heat emitter’s just make sure they are very well secure as to not burn the snake if nocked loose. Some people have success with them, they just aren’t my cup of tea.


Like @duckdangerfield said and I completely agree. For a Leo, belly heat all the way.