Should I leave Gap or no gap On rack system

I live in Florida, have tubs in a enclosed terrace with a small ac to control the heat.
Right now my ball pythons are in sterile tubs with lids on them and a few holes on the side and they get perfect sheds .

When I pass them to a rack system, should I leave a gap? And if so how much? Or, no gap and holes on the side. I see Chris Hardwicks videos and he has zero holes on his.

If building your own racks my advice is to have at least some easily visible gap all around because otherwise you’ll hate yourself when some tubs are slightly too tall and they don’t slide easy. I know from first hand screw up lol. Also make sure the top surface is (or is coated with) something that moisture can’t penetrate at all or you’ll get problems with mold.

I’d wait to add holes (if any) until you’ve built it and have the full setup with heat, substrate etc. and you can add holes until you get the right humidity/airflow balance.