Should I shoot for the BEL complex?

So I have a female Butter Clown ball python about a year old. I originally had a male Banana Clown (like my dream snake) to pair with her but after a visit to the vet it turns out he is extremely susceptible to stress and almost died just in the process of bringing him home from the expo. Long story short, he’s a pet only now. I thought about getting another one as the banana butter clowns are gorgeous. Then the thought of either buying a banana butter clown from the start or maybe not pursuing the banana gene at all and going for some cool clowns only. If I got a banana butter clown then I could continue the banana gene and add Blue Eyed Lucy’s to the mix as well, or if you guys have any ideas of other amazing clown combos that would be great too. LMK! :slight_smile:


If you do go with the BEL complex, I would go with something other than butter/lesser in the male. That way you don’t run the risk of producing bug eyes offspring.

I have a coral glow BEL I produced and she’s beautiful. So I would say banana is still a good option.

But if you’re going for clown, then why make it an all white snake? You might be able to see it under the blacklight, but I don’t work with clown to know for sure.

If anything, what I’ve been mixing into my group is more Blk pastel and enchi. They play really well with the BEL complex. Or GHI is a nice one with Mojave as well.

I wanted clown as I just enjoy all of the awesome combos. It’s more of a keep clown in the mix until I find the right female to pair sorta thing. I just found and am looking at a banana pastel mojave clown. That way I don’t get big eyes, I would still have roughly a 24% of a BEL (only because I think they’re awesome, they aren’t my main goal. It’s just that they’re possible with the female I have). And I would also keep the banana and clown gene. I also have always wanted mojave as something like a banana mojave clown is just amazing to me, same with pastel mojave’s. What do you think? I might still play around with that black pastel idea though.

Just hope the odds gods are in your favor! Lol.
My first clutch was 4 eggs and all of them were BEL from a Mojave and a lesser. Don’t always trust the %s!

Still sounds like a good plan though.

Oh ya lol, just the percent being at a somewhat high rate is nice because I am bound to get at least one in a few clutches and I wouldn’t mind getting almost all BEL’s as they’re beautiful. I just don’t really know what to match with them since they are just a white snake, I don’t feel like much would change their appearance at all.