Should my geckos see eachother

If i have Two geckos housed next to eachother should i put something to keep them from looking at eachother(1yo chahoua and 6mo crestie) .Please tell me so i can change my organisation.

Given both species can be territorial and could be stressed from seeing another gecko in their range, I would say keeping them from seeing each other is a good idea.

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You might not need to. If they seem stressed by being next to each other then add a visual divider. If there is a large size difference the smaller gecko will likely be stressed. If you aren’t sure then it can’t hurt to add a divider. I use cardboard pieces to put in between my crested gecko tanks.


Should be fine, my gargoyle can see the cresties and vice Versa.
Both are fine and not stressed, but do keep an eye, any stressed behaviour or chirping then put something in between :relaxed: