Should these be some of our Holdbacks?

Do we need to keep these 3 Hmmm :thinking:
Dad- Banana Butter Pastel Clown
Mum-Leopard 66% Het Clown who sadly didn’t prove out this time.

[Uploading: 4C4FC591-5C3F-46B0-8719


I would hold all of them back, looking like that and being het for clown! That is a problem I have though, right now I have half a baby rack full of holdbacks! I holdback way too much, but then when I sell them I am like, man I should have held that back! :joy:

I would definitely hold onto that first one! The stripe along its back is sweet, and personally I prefer that ones side pattern to the third’s ( I’m assuming both are the same combo?). Not sure about the banana though. :thinking: Would probably be nice to hang onto if it has all the genes you’re wanting.

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Awesome babies, they all would be Holdback for me :heart_eyes:

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