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Are the Sand boa’s easy keepers? How big to they get? They are nice and very pretty colors.

Sand boas are among the easiest of all snakes to keep. Different species are different sizes, but all are small. The most commonly kept are Kenyan Sand Boas. Males of this species generally max out at 15" with females being more like 24"-32".

They are small compared to BP’s.
I will have to read up on them. Thanks

What if they eat each other LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I wouldn’t put BP and sand boas near each other.
BP would more than likely eat the little sand boas. Don’t know for sure.

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@chromatic_creations I just noticed you have a palmetto corn! Very nice! If I were to ever get a pair of corns those would be it!!!


I was looking on MM for Kenyan Sand Boas. There was 1 he is calling a calico ph anery, paint & bell albino.
Very pretty. Out of my price range though.

Calicos are impressive, but have not yet been proven to be an inheritable trait in Kenyan Sand Boas as of yet. You’ll find that most morphs in sand boas are much more affordable than any calico you will find.

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He is an awesome corn, and het albino too. I have a female albino scaleless to pair with him next season. Hoping to have some Albino DH Scaleless Palmetto corns to hold back in the not so distant future.

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@chromatic_creations Is that a spotted or children’s python you got?

It’s a Stimson’s. I have a 1.2 group that I’m raising up. The one in the photo is the male - he’s a tad bit defensive.

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@chromatic_creations They all are!!! I’m waiting on one of my children’s female to drop.


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Savannah is now 2067 grams and just bred to Yoda, the male Lesser, for the second time yesterday, they were locked all day together. I’m trying for the BELs. Bates my normal male just reached 500 grams, and Yoda my male Lesser is now 1500gr. I suspect that he might have the pastel gene in him as well because he has green eyes, unless that’s just a Lesser trait I’m unaware of.


BEL’S, one of my favorite.

Here are my bels!


Here’s my small collection, just starting out


Here is a few, I have 30 snakes. Carlos our first ball python Uploading: 20210130_195513.jpg…


What morph is that last one? It looks like an albino but it has black eyes, not red!

It actually has blue eyes!!! It’s a crystal a bel super form special mojave! My old man he’s 12 lol

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A few favorites of mine.