Show me your collection

Here’s a couple I previously owned


Oh boy! I really wish I could just photo dump a picture of every single snake in my collection lol. What is that first snake?

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You could put about 6 or 8 on a table and take a group picture of some of them and keep doing it until you got them all. Wouldn’t take so many pictures. I guess keeping them all still would be a problem, unless you have someone help you. LOL!

That would still be like 10 pictures!!! And I run a solo operation so it’s all on me!!! This is why I have very few pictures of my retics. My son will take a picture of them for me but he has to be like 6 foot social distanced from them lol. What a wimp… I’m not going to lie I probably have at least 10 pictures of every snake I own. And probably at least 5 pictures of every snake I hatched the last 2 or 3 years lol.

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I only have a couple friends that I could count on to feed my BP if I had to be away from home for any length of time. They don’t live that far away. But it would still be a 45 minutes drive for them. My brother touches Tiberius every once in a while, but He will not hold him.
He bought him for me. LOL!
If you lived closer I would help. :slightly_smiling_face: Tennessee is not that close to you. LOL

It’s not that far! I go to Memphis to see fights frequently!!! I have snake buddies to help me if needed!!

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Here’s a small sample of my collection. We currently have BPs, RTBs, Bloods, Corns, Kings, Cat-Eyed Snakes, Bulls, African House Snakes, Rosy Boas, Tri-Colored Hogs, and Stimson’s.


Memphis is pretty far from me. I have only been through there once. I was 11 years old then. I got car sick as a kid so I was on a medication and asleep.
Don’t have any recollection of it. LOL

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Just snakes or all reptiles? I also have a pair of Mexican alligator lizards that will be here in a day.


Ok going to dump a portion of my collection!!!


A few shots from my collection:

2012 proven breeder female Argentine Boa Constrictor, OS Black line

2020 female Madagascar Ground Boa, NERD line


2019 male high-expression Snow Splash Kenyan Sand Boa, Treacher line

2018 male Paradox Snow and female Paradox Snow Patternless Kenyan Sand Boas, self-produced. These are littermates.

2016 proven breeder pair of reduced-pattern pure Dodoma locality Kenyan Sand Boas

Their extreme high-expression son, a 2020 holdback

2020 male GX Paint Kenyan Sand Boa, another holdback


@westridge Your Kenyan boas are some real top notch stuff!!! Some of the nicest I’ve seen!


Thanks so much! I only started keeping them 5 years ago but they are totally taking over. I’ve got two other species of sand boa now as well.


This guy here… just wow for real!!! What gene gives it the washed out appearance?

That’s the Splash gene. It’s kind of like the sand boa version of pied. However, unlike with, say, a Pied BP, the level of expression is genetic, so higher expression parents produce higher expression offspring. I plan on breeding him for the first time in a couple of months, and I’m very excited to see what he will produce.

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Would love to see what he produces!!! Is that a recessive or incomplete dominant gene?

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It’s recessive. So far all sand boa genes are recessive except for Stripe.


That B. c. occidentalis is :fire:! You don’t see them very often, but damn, that lacy pattern is soooo nice. And your sand boas are making me wanna get a few!

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That BCO is actually my favorite snake. I’ve had her since she was a little worm. It’s really rewarding to raise an animal from a baby to adulthood and then see them produce. And yeah, sand boas are super addictive, I’m always looking for more.


:100: agree here!!! It’s awesome when you breed two snakes that you produced it’s like it comes full circle!

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