Show of your locality animals!

Let’s see pictures of your pure locality animals, any species. Here are a few of mine.

First up, my F3 Pokigron Surinam BCCs

Next up, Mountain Springs rosy boas.

Two-tone hypo San Matias rosy boas.

San Marcos Island rosy boas (Sea of Cortez).

Last, but definitely not least, reduced-pattern Dodoma East African sand boa (Cal Flame).

I have others, but these are the ones I’ve never posted pictures of on this forum.

Let’s see what you’ve got!


butterfly machete

Tioman locale Oligodon purpurascens


Those are very cool. I’ve heard they have a really serious bite.

Yeah they have some nasty teeth. My guys are tiny right now but they have no problem tearing up fingers. Very willing to bite as well. Super fun though, I wish more people kept them and they were easier to find.

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This huffy girl is Vesuvius, 3rd gen straight out of Nicaragua. She’s a little wary like most central BCIs, but just gorgeous.

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Very beautiful girl. I used to have a Nic as well but that was many years ago.