Show off those adult banana combos!

Hi y’all! Banana is one of my favorite genes, and in the next couple of months I will be on the lookout for a beautiful female banana pied. I have some ideas of genes I’m interested in mixing with her in a few years, but it occurred to me that I see tons of photos of adult single-gene bananas, but not a ton of combos. I’m really interested to see how banana works with combos as the snakes grow and settle into their adult colors! If you have an adult banana or banana combo, show it off!


My prized boy, Banan — he’s a banana yellowbelly. One of my sweetest snakes with a great temperament.
He was paired to a pastel het VPI, so hoping for some banana combos out of those two!

I also have a banana het pied but he’s still a baby :joy:
Almost always in his hide, and a slightly finicky eater.


A few adult combos


@stewart_reptiles What are the genes involved in those top three, if I may ask?

banana enchi, hypo coral glow leapard lesser, coral glow leopard


Everything in order

Banana Enchi

Coral Glow Enchi Pied

Hypo Coral Glow Lesser Leopard

Coral Glow Leopard

Hypo Pastel Coral Glow Leopard

Banana Clown


I’m expecting this boy tomorrow so the picture is made by a friend. Was not planning on it but got an offer I couldn’t refuse. He said he got him as a banana pastave but seeing the black spots, colour and alien heads to me he looks more like a really nice banana pastel, but I love the brightness of the colours


This is my banana champagne pastel het VPI boy. His name is Akira.

I would classify this guy as more of a sub adult, but he likely won’t change in color too much more than he has. He used to be nearly white as a hatchling, but when I got him he was already really yellow and has only gotten brighter. He is roughly 580g when empty. So close to that 600g mark. I love the subtle darker yellow pattern on him, and the yellow stripes behind his eyes. :blush:


Another one to show off could be my favorite to date and I still have to figure out what he really is but at worse it’s an Hypo Coral Glow Calico Pinstripe.


Whoa! That’s a stunner! I’ve always been curious how hypo interacts with banana/CG. And the pin & calico I can definitely see, and I love it.

I just finally got this girl in this morning. I love banana/CG and am really hoping to do some cool combos with that in the future with this girl. CG Leo pied. I see a lot of CG/banana hatchlings, but not so many adults.


Thanks Hypo simply help reduce the number of black spots, and for the few that are present they are grey instead of black.


Also if anyone has suggestions on what to look into pairing her with in a few years, I’m open to them. A good friend said always pair a female with a male equally as powerful or more so. I’m looking into going with a dark gene het pied male, but what genes is still in the air.

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Well… This is now my wife’s favorite combo and i need to get one asap… :sweat_smile:


Luciano at work… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck: AKA CG Calico Yellow Belly het. Pied :v:


One of my favorites I’ve produced to date! 4 banger, Banana Pewterbee!


Just a very simple pastel banana, but in sunlight his darkest yellow almost looks neon


Love banana combos! Been looking for a banana calico for forever. Prefer something older than hatchling but not necessarily an adult.

My boy at 600g, so not quite adult.

Pastel Banana poss YB. The flaming and remains vivid yellow and lavenders make me thing YB is present along with pastel. Time and breeding will tell.