Show Off Your Cresties 🤩

@foxreptile @ghoulishcresties She was a craigslist find (from someone moving), so a pet rather than for breeding plans. She was cared for very well. I only needed to make a couple of modifications to the enclosure and they weren’t necessary, just for my preference. I was also wondering if you could guarantee sex for me. I’m thinking female (and she was purchased as one) but I figured I’d ask. I also wanted to know how long I should quarantine for. I have her in an extra bedroom (used for storage) and I’ll feed her last and use supplies around her last. I was wondering how long she should be in quarantine and if there was a test to make sure she can come out of quarantine (like getting a negative fecal) Sorry for the circle around the pictures, I recently got a mirrorless camera and I need an adapter to shoot with my lenses.

Enclosure when I got it.

Enclosure once finished.


Oh I love a bright gecko!
Yeah she’s a she alright :blush:

Since I know where my Cresties come from with breeders I get from I don’t actually quarantine them. With the new girls a couple weeks ago they got added in with my other females straight away. But I knew they were all kept separate and healthy. I know a lot of people and breeders who don’t have have never quarantined at all too.

Pongo was also kept alone (not from a breeder) but he had own viv, was never bred etc.
He’s in the same ‘reptile outhouse’ as everyone else, and what’s been since I brought him home. But obviously being a male got his own viv anyway!

I know that some people do like to quarantine though, and ranges from 2 weeks to 2 months though.
So it all depends on how you feel about it!

If was their only Cresties and kept alone etc I personally wouldn’t worry at all!

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They said they had 2 other geckos but they didn’t have space for all of them since they were moving. I haven’t quarantined my others since the crested geckos all came from breeders and my leopard geckos came from a total of 3 breeders.

I quarantine all my new Cresties. Doesn’t matter if they were with other Cresties or not as diseases etc could come from substrate, lack of cleaning, water & food bowl or even insect feeders.

I quarantine in the same room but further apart from the rest and I do food etc separate. I do so for 1 month but I know some people have quarantined for longer.

I’ve never had a Crestie tested so not sure on that - they have all seemed healthy, but I’m sure the vet could check somehow of you wanted. If I had any reason to believe they had anything, I would’ve taken them to the vet & quarantined longer.

I agree looks to be a she, but do you have any closer pics of her, just to be certain (won’t let me zoom too much). How much does she weigh? If above 15g then definitely a female.

Do you have any pics of her fired up? She looks awesome, as does the enclosure :+1:

She could still be bred, as long as she is bred to a Crestie with good lineage to counter act her lack of lineage, however you are more likely to get kinder surprises and the value will be slightly less, if only suggest to do so if she has good features eg. Wide crests. But you have plenty of time to decide on that :relaxed:


I meant the color in general! Like the creamish white with the lavender color. Like I said I wouldn’t know the names of morphs as I know next to nothing about cresties. Never really interested me before, but I am finding quite a few colors and patterns I like so I might look into them a bit more now! Overall the super rich dark colors like deep reds, browns, and greens, and super pale creamy whites and grey’s are both really appealing, especially when they have little to no pattern on them.


I like the cream and lavenders, I haven’t seen many though.

If your interested in learning morphs I have made a morph guide on here (it’s a working progress). I haven’t put much as far as colours go as most are just called the colour they are but I might add it in at a later date.

I have a deep red and cream girl names strawberry :strawberry: she is a lovely calm girl, this is her below. Cream on dark colours are my favourite


I don’t just like them, I love them :heart_eyes:

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Me too. I REALLY want one… But not just any, I want a soft scale one :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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I would want a female one :grin:

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UGH Harold!! :joy:
He was going to be going to our Lily too!
She’s just been put to our new red quad instead.
So blooming annoyed about it.
If the babies are ok May try him again to see if just really bad luck!

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Hopefully the rest are okay and it was just bad luck :crossed_fingers:


Thought I’d check some babies today to see sex as a lot are 3g.
Checked 6/7 of them randomly.
All looking female. Now what are the odds of that?! Will check same ones when they’re 5g but I have always been female heavy with babies here so Looks like I’m going to find it even harder with who stays! I was hoping it would be oh that’s a male so this one stays situation but nope… :roll_eyes::weary:

Big Mama only actually ever produced 2 males in over 3 years with Kaneki!


Did you get any pics of them? :grin:

You mean all of them, right :crazy_face:

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Yes :grin:

Maybe we can help with the decision as to who stays :yum:


This is so true! I am ready!


Haha I’ll get some later when more fired up!
Extreme and the tris is going to be hardest :woman_facepalming:t2:


Beast Boy got his first girlfriend today. He’s been paired with Lilo!
Not risking Harold anymore so she’s switching! :laughing:


You ok Nelson?…
Or… Jabba… :joy:


Beast boy is handsome :star_struck:

Nelson or Jabba looks guilty