Show Off Your Cresties 🤩

This is one of my many Cresties, her name is strawberry. She is a red and cream harlequin, is lovely to hold but a pain with food :crazy_face:

Would love to see some pics of your Cresties :grin:


She’s beautiful, here’re mine.
Male harlequin dalmation- Rex

Female red harlequin dalmation- Monkey

Female extreme harlequin- Unnamed


They look amazing :grin:


Monkey is awesome! I love Red Super Dalmatians. If I got back into crested geckos, that would be the first morph I’d go for. I love Reds in general.


I love the names! I think I prefer the unnamed female, she looks great.

I’ve got a harlequin dalmation named cinnamon but his spots are tiny in comparison.

I can’t really tell Cinnamon is a dalmation when fired up… But that’s what I love… He looks like 2 different Cresties :grin:


Thank you! I’m currently pairing him to Rex but I’m not sure if it would be compatible. Do you think that I would get red harlequin offspring since Rex has a reddish color or aren’t red harlequin and harlequin compatible?


Anything is possible, it depends on the lineage but the offspring could get any genes the parents have, some might get all, some might just get one or two genes.

Harlequin is the colouring along the tummy and legs… red is the base colour.

Dalmation is quite dominant (not sure if that’s the correct wording) so it’s likely most of the offspring will get the spots, might not be enough to class as dalmation though.

Please note I haven’t bred my Cresties yet so I can’t confirm that… I’ve just don’t extensive research as I’m planning to breed my Cresties in the near future.


Crested gecko morphs are polymorphic which means that they don’t follow mendelian inheritance patterns. I see what you’re trying to say about how some morphs are more controlling and are more likely to be passed on than others.


Yes they are, but if crested Geckos have been bred specifically over generations then it is much easier to get the outcome you are after.

That being said you would need to know generations in order to get an idea as to what you are looking for


This is KJ (Tricolour). Son of Kaneki (Tricolour) and Lilo (Harlequin Pinstripe) who I also own, He’s 16 months old and already a dad-as such (Eggs fertile and incubating) He was paired with one of my Extreme Harlequins Boo. So cannot wait to see the outcome! :blush:


What “morphs”

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They’re compatible. Since both Harleys you should get more Harleys/extreme Harleys (some being red also) and since ones a dal you best believe they’ll all have the spotting! But if you don’t know grandparents etc also you may end up with some surprises!
That being said when I had Big Mama (Tangerine Super Dalmatian) with Kaneki (Tricolour) I was getting Dalmatians (tangerines of them also), super Dalmatians, tricolours, tricolour pinstripe (only one from pairing with no spotting when it left), tricolour partial pinstripes with dal spots, Dalmatian tiger stripes, brindle Dalmatians. My last few Dalmatians/super Dalmatians from them actually had red spotting. 3+ years she held sperm from him for and the last clutches were my fav because of the red spots! So it’s all a mystery really. I’ve not got a clue where the brindles and tiger stripes came from! I call Crestie eggs here Kinder Surprises. Because you’re never going to know what will pop out! X


Thank you both! You’re starting to make me look forward to getting crestie eggs even more :smiley:


I can’t wait to start breeding my Cresties, it will be a Crestie Surprise :grin:


After seeing all of the love for Cresties, I am considering eventually getting one :joy:


I can’t say I blame you… They are amazing :grin::crazy_face:


I really like the look of that tricolor above!
:wink: -> @elisha9


I love tricolours :grin: here is a pic of one of my baby extreme harlequin tricolours called honeycomb :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love this crestie so much, tbh I love all my Cresties so much :crazy_face:


He’s one of my favs here, not just because I watched him hatch either. He’s such a friendly guy :blush:
I’ll add a few others here that are tri! X

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Just a few of the Tri morphs we have here. As you can see I’m a bit mad on them… :sweat_smile::heart: