Show off your darkest Boa Constrictors

Let’s see the darkest Boas in your collection.
Is anyone working with the Black gene?

There are some beautiful one on the market but only a few sellers.
It is definitely one for the future for me.

IMGs and such are nice, but for me, the ultimate dark boa will always be the pure Argentine (Boa constrictor occidentalis).

Here is an exceptionally dark 2013 male.

His girlfriend, same age, absolutely huge.

Both are pure OS lineage and trace their lineage back entirely to the only legal importation of BCO into this country, a group of 10-12 animals imported in 1987.

Here are some of their offspring:




They are ridiculous, the lack of colour is amazing.
I don’t think I’ve ever come across them before.
I absolutely love the zig zag up the offsprings sides.

You are so lucky to be working with these guys.

The adults actually have the zigzag too, you just can’t see it in the pics. This is my all time favorite kind of snake.


I can 100% see why, they are stunning. What are their temperaments like? By the girth of them I’m guessing you have no problem feeding.

@westridge I heard these guys recently got added onto the endangered species list??? Thats awesome that you have some to work with! Beautiful snakes! If I ever got another Boa, this is a definite contender!

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These guys are CITES I and have been for over 15 years. Absolutely no importation allowed.

Personality wise, these guys are great unless they think they are getting fed. Then they are absolute monsters, especially the female.

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Hopefully people like yourself can get them off that list.

The more of your posts and replies I see the more I believe your doing wonders for reptiles worldwide let alone just our hobby.

As a side note. My brain has been reading your username as Wes Ridge :neutral_face: it’s just clicked that your Elena from West Ridge Reptiles… I’m sorry for all the times I called you Wes.

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Ah, I thought Wes was just your affectionate nickname for me. LOL.

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It is now, you better get used to it :joy:.

I love it!

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Awsome snakes…:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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The top two photos are of my pure Sonoran het leopard male who is extremely dark, and the bottom photos are of one of the leopard babies from my litter this year, but his mother is even darker. Leopards can vary in colour depending on the amount of pastel influence involved but they are definitely one of the darkest boa morphs in general.

IMG boas generally get the darkest out of the morphs depending on the extra genes involved, the black boas on morphmarket refer to the “black boa” which is the Costa Rican version of the sonoran leopard morph, when they are crossed with the leopard they are called black panthers :smile:


The belly on that baby is beautiful. Does that fade out with age or will it be like that for good?
Absolutely gorgeous boas. :heart_eyes:

Found some more Argentine pics in my computer.

These are all of my female:

One of her 2017 offspring at a few weeks of age:


She really is a top shelf snake.
If Coca-Cola ever need a snake for a advert she would definitely get the role, she looks like bubbles in a glass.

It’s funny you say that, because I always use a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke if I need size reference for a photo of one of my large snakes. Somewhere in my computer, there are photos of this snake hugging a Coke bottle.

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If you ever come across them make sure to post them on here. I love seeing your animals.

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