Show off your Rosy Boas!

So cool!
What a great collection you have!
How long is that 400g boy of yours?

I think we were considering getting that Matrix girl you got. Great pickup on her!
So x your Snow boy, you’re looking at Matrix Albinos het Snow?!

We’re looking for a female Hypo mono stripe albino and a pair of Snow Whites.


I want a Snow-white or 2 as well id like a picasso as well.

Haven’t measured my male but he seems pretty big.

And im excited for the prospect of albino matrix het snows babies. They should prove to be beautiful. Your pick up will make amazing babies 2 once she is ready. The sterile is 23" long and he is close to twice that.


This is “Trace.” He is a San Matias. We bought Trace as a female but after owning him for years we finally realized that Trace is a male. Best laid plans…


Hes a big boy :heart:


He’ll probably be breeder sized by spring. To bad we don’t have a female for him.


That’s a 4ft male Rosy?
Pretty cool!
That sucks!
Do you sex them by looking for spurs or doing the rub test like with red tails?


Palpating and spurs are both unreliable for this species. We’ve found that probing is best.


Thank you!

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Id say close to that but next time my niece or my friends come over i will use a tape measure but he is a big Limburg. The breeder i bought him from swears its a male because he has bred him to females. I still want to take it to my friend who has been owning a pet store and breeds snakes for an official check. I understand the typical for Rosys is that females are larger, and snow seems quite large. Im not experienced enough to probe or pop i definitely don’t want to hurt my baby. It is pretty rare for Rosys to reach 4 feet but there has been some. The breeder said he’s proven breeder and i don’t want to say he is wrong but i think it better to double check not sure the outcome would be good if i put 2 strange females in together by mistake :joy:


My baby Snow is moving to his 36×18×18 enclosure this coming month he has outgrown the tub. I was eyeing some new Rosys in marketplace like the picasso or another Limburg snow or possibly a couple Snow-whites. I will need his tub for next quarantine animal.


We have a female Mountain Springs (Coastal) who is 480g+. In general, rosy boas with Coastal lineage are the largest.


I love the Coastal size not too small but not so big that they are unmanageable. I love how big snakes look but i know logically i wouldn’t be able to handle them or have the space either. Snow bit me twice but one was totally food motivated, the other i startled him and he reaacted. Most times he is very calm and easy to handle.


Great job on the new enclosure you have coming!
I’ll bet that Snow boy will love it. He might really be a boy. The largest boa in our collection is a 7+ foot male.

The Picasso morph seems like a good next step for you to follow up the Matrix!
Great idea!

How long are the bigger ones?
What about smaller species such as Magdalena Plains?
How big are those as adults?
(Thank you in advance.)


I don’t ever measure the length of my snakes, so I can’t answer your first question.

My adult Anery Magdalena Plains female is only about 180g. I think she is the smallest adult female rosy that I have.

This is her in a 9" cup.


But she definitely is gorgeous. I love Anery sand boas.


Wow 7 foot :exploding_head: thats amazing. I was definitely going to pick upa picasso. Im hoping this next breeding session i have a nice holdback or 2 :pray:


To clarify, the 7+ footer is not a Rosy, but is still pretty large for a male boa constrictor.
You will have some killer holdbacks for sure!
Keep us posted on that Picasso!
Very exciting!


I think so too! Im gonna contact the breeder and see if he will do a half payment hold til next month id really like the picasso and im pretty sure it will be sold. Everytime i see something and decide to wait, it gets sold, im not mad after all its who puts the cash in hand 1st that gets to aquire the animal. I get about 2k a month to spend on food and whatever i want, so on big buys i have to unfortunately do 1 a month. I definitely want to expand my breeding stock to some amazing morphs.


Worth the wait!!

Our new Rosy :rose::snake: Daphne — named after the British Housekeeper on “Frasier” :tv::two_hearts::nerd_face:!

And this one is just as strong and sassy :laughing:.



What a cutie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: is coastal albino or Whitewater? Anyways i love my spicy baby girl too. She let me actually hold her one :exploding_head: :joy: didn’t last long before she was like put me back.