Show off your Rosy Boas!

And this is her partner, Frasier. Soooo cute!

I know one day soon we’ll be saying to him: “we remember when you could fit in a shirt pocket!”

They grow up so fast! :laughing::rofl::snake::two_hearts:


@rmleone thank you! She is a Coastal Albino. Her colors are incredible!!

And yes, these little critters are super active and move more than I’m used to as compared to our Red Tails. Aaron and I hold to a daily 10 minute (timed) engagement session at minimum with each animal to make sure they get really used to us. We find that familiarity and routine helps a ton with keeping, esp during and after breeding.

Thanks for the comment!! Have an awesome afternoon! :nerd_face:


Omg i say Remember when you waz a baby? All the time :heart: not sure if they do, but ill pretend anyways. I may get a Snow-white for my albino Whitewater since they are both Whitewater descent. Not sure if it would turn out as fire as my Snow/Matrix but i can try. Worse thing i guess is i sell as pets not breeder. I do love your new baby btw.

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Thank you!
Those Snow Whites are pretty fire!
Have you had any luck finding one?
We just missed out on a hypo mono stripe albino.
How’s the Picasso going?

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The picasso will be my next acquisition provided the breeder still has one in November. Im kinda tight on money til then. The Snow-white will be a time next year if the breeder has any left. Im looking at next season likey to really be stocked up. I don’t mind purchasing adults because it will push my breeding timeline up. I ultimately want to have at least 2 of each morph so i can rotate seasons. Once they start producing i should be able to have the extra income to expand and maybe have a lil spare cash for whatever. It’s probably gonna be a few years before my profits pay for my investment.

I think Rosy Boas are picking up popularity so its probably a good time to get on board and put out some fire morphs.

Currently things are still on the ground floor with just my 2 adults, but plans for the others is still in production. My momma hates snakes ( believes they are of the devil) so it would be a no go to secure a loan with her. If i asked her for money she would absolutely want to know what its for. ( can’t lie to my momma ).

I saw a super orange once and thought wouldn’t it be neat if somehow red could come out. Im pretty sure its not possible but id imagine a red morph rosy would be valuable.


I think a pioneer town blue anery would be cool to see if the blue or lavender can be drawn out further


Hypo monostripe is fire too. I can image the combos you could possibly get out of them. Not sure what lineage/locality but if its coastal/limburg or Carlson it should be compatible with some fire morphs. Maybe a hypo monostripe x matrix would give one line down the back with the broken pattern of matrix.? Im seriously thinking of various possibilities.

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Well done!
The only thing to say to that is:
You’re right about all of it.

Rosies are going to explode (they already are) and your plan is thorough, meticulous and very feasible.

You’re also %100000 right about not lying to momma. Don’t do that.
It’s pretty special that she lets you have snakes when she hates them so much.
That’s a cool momma, but you’re smart enough to know that. :sweat_smile:

The mono stripe albinos are the Limburg line which, as far as i know, is the only albino Rosy with a red eye.
We’re less interested in the mono stripe part. I think they are hypo albinos. We’d like to breed one to Frasier, our male costal to see if the traits breed true.
We know there are two yearling hypo mono stripe albinos out there somewhere, we just have to find out who has them and then the begging will begin…

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I think the non-locale morph rosy boas are cool, but I’m a locality purist, so they are not for me personally. My current wanted list is:

Albino Anza-Borrego
Hypo Anza-Borrego
Otay Lake
Anery Pioneertown
Banana Ortiz
Wide-Stripe Ortiz

I recently added Morongo Valley to the collection and completed the Hypo San Matias group. I hope to add at least two more localities before the end of the year. Yes, the snake-greed…


Nothing wrong with collecting snakes or loving pure locality lines. :raised_hands: i feel that way about Reticulated Pythons. ( not that id own a retic, which is more a size thing than anything. I don’t want to keep an animal that i cannot physically handle on my own, or one that could possibly cause harm or get harmed from my kitty.


Maybe one day we will be premiere breeders itd be cool to collaborate with another breeder to really get some super fire morphs. ( but of course thats down the line ). I know big breeders have collaborated to develop lines. Im sure it involves lawyers though since both parties need to be able to have legal binding agreements.


I’m doing a collaboration with another breeder right now. We’re laying the groundwork for the eventual creation of the Super Ghost (T1) Inca Nicaraguan Boa Constrictor. We’re using 100% Nicaraguan lines. It’s exciting. Now if only my female would cooperate…


Nice! I love boas but even 8 to 10 feet for me is still a bit large. I think thats why i went with Rosys. If i can selective breed for size to 4’, i think it would have some appeal. Some Rosys have attained 4’ so i know its possible 5’ probably not likely 4 is definitely a nice handle able size. Still a very beginner/child friendly species as well as for anyone else.

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Nicaraguan Boas don’t usually break 6’ and are usually 4-5 for females.


You are a locality purist through and through. :joy:
These days you can be and do morphs within the locales.
What’s the female Nicaraguan you have?
That pairing is really next level!

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This is a cool idea about breeding for size!
You just have to hunt down the biggest Rosies you can find!

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Even better than that is trades!
We just got back from picking up this 7 year old Sharp Albino Motley Key West boa and it was awesome!

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The female Nicaraguan being used in that project is a TSK line Hypo Inca. She is very dark, and very large for a pure Nicaraguan. Here is a pic:

I also have a pair of Buke line T+ Sunglow Nicaraguans, and I plan to work them in to the project eventually (years down the road). Imagine how cool a T+ Snowglow Inca would be!


What are the Nicaraguan boas temperment like? ( generally speaking ) i have seen gentle boas and nippy ones and im sure it was individual experience.

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Mine have all been gentle during normal handling but one of them gets nippy if you try to restrain her, like if she has a piece of stuck shed that needs to be removed. They can be nippy as babies though. In general, they are not as calm as Colombians, but not too bad.