Show us your adult pictures that have kept their colour or brightness well

Uldren, my Stinger Bee. He is still a bright yellow! The camera doesn’t do him justice. He’s at about 1200g, and 2.5 years old.


Thanks. Those two I am kind of proud of

I can only speak for myself but… It is about knowing the genes and how they play together.

The first two animals I posted are ones I made. At the time, they were world’s firsts (the second I suspect is still a one of a kind because one of his genes is pretty much considered a trash morph) and they kind of surprised me.

The first, while she ended up nicer than I expected, was about right from my long-odds guess; I knew Enchi reacted well with YB and as I suspected that the Ivory parent also had OD and/or Pastel, so I knew the triple/quad would be a nice bright animal. When I ended up hitting a quint-combo because there was also Butter floating around in the Ivory, it was not difficult to anticipate that would add another layer of brightness.

The second was a bigger surprise for me (so much so that I have dubbed him “WhiskyTango” [as in in Whisky Tango Foxtrot] because that is what I exclaimed when he left the egg). The pairing was one I did purely for myself with no expectations of the outcome and I just got lucky.

Three and four were no-brainers for me.

Enchi Pastels are high-yellow to begin with, Pin just enhances that by cleaning away the topcoat of melanin. And it is widely know that YB-complex genes act as colour enhancers so it was a no-brainer that a compound heterozygote would get a double bump

And Acid has contrast higher than BlkPastel so of course the Albino version would retain that in stark white and vibrant gold

The last girl was a similar fit the pieces. I had a fully mature Acid BlkPastel and her darks were still solidly dark. I felt it was pretty safe to bet that adding Blackhead would only deepen that


Our true ghost typhoon boy as an adult, why we work so heavily with hypo in axanthic :grin:


One of, if not the best adult axanthic I have seen, No brown out, what kind of hypo and axanthic ? Still a bit new with the different types.
And your UK like me, I will keep an eye on your MorphMarket . :wink:
I was put off axanthic in ball pythons due to the brown out with age until I saw this


Thanks :relaxed:

He was from the states but think he’s still the only one in the UK, He’s VPI Axanthic and Butterscotch ghost (compatible with orange ghost)

Been growing some het girls up for a few years so this winter we should finally start hatching some visuals with extra genes


I love it, he is gorgeous.


what does the typhoon bit mean?


It’s a gene Bailey and Bailey have been working with for a long time, brightening gene that works best in hypo combos


Well it seems to do the job :+1:


Wow wow wow some of these are just gorgeous examples :pinched_fingers:


My male super Banana.

Baby 110g
Super Banana 100% Het Clown Ball Python 1

Adult 1700g

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My spotnose girl just hit 2000g and still looks incredible!