Show us your adult pictures that have kept their colour or brightness well

Show us your adult pictures that have kept their colour and brightness well.

There are always lots of bright beautiful hatchling pictures, but they change so much as adults and are much less impressive.
That’s one mistake/regret I made in the beginning when deciding what I like and what I wanted to keep and breed.

Lots of morphs darken with age, show us those you have that have not darkened much if at all?

Its not only certain morphs, its bloudlines that make a difference too.

For one example, they say Lesser and pastel darkens with age, I have one of those that did darken, but I have another line that did not. As below:

5 year old (1400g, rescue) lesser/butter pastel that did not darken with age or change colour-

She would make a good axanthic project, she is practically that already without the axanthic gene. no reddening up with age.

But there must be Morphs as well as lines that hold the brightness and colour too, please show us any of either you have.


My banana is still a bright yellow/orange atm. He’s 3 this year.
And My boy Blazes mum was a beaut.
She is still now a bright yellow after years, it’s another reason I went for him as the line the guy worked with kept the brighter yellow into adult hood!
Cannot wait to see how he turns out :smiling_face_with_tear:


Bananas can change colour and brightness so much, that the point of this discussion, Pictures please :slight_smile:
Not doubting you, i have seen some of your cool bananas pics, but it would help for others to see the difference here too
I will take some of my bananas that kept its colour and brightness too and post.


I’ll get some updated ones! :grin:
They’re my fav, such a variety of the colours they are too, I’ve had 2 others in the past, one very pale and one more yellow.
My boy seems to have more oranges on him.

Looking forward to seeing yours! :relaxed:

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These are my adult females with pastel that I think aged well!

1 super pastel disco pin
2 pastel pin het clown
3 pastel super vanilla sable(as seen on world of ball pythons lol)


They are all awesome for adults which held brightness and colour.:slight_smile:

but why is the pastel pin het clown so bright and more intensely yellow in the bottom 50%?
I am not so experienced. but pictures of adult clowns usually brown out alot with age on the ones I have seen on MorphMarket
The darkening of clowns as they age is something that put me off them initially. why did that one not darken?


Good pairing lol. She is from the same female as the top one different clutches. She is the best lemon blast I’ve hatched she was crazy looking as a hatchling.

And I actually have two super pastel combo hatchlings off of her.


Here are a few that stayed particularly bright as they aged.

Pastel Enchi GHI

Super Enchi Spider

Pastel Black Pastel Banana Pinstripe Spider

Sulfur Fire


Here are a few that I just shot in their tubs so no fancy lighting or backgrounds. All of them are at least 3 or 4 years old.
Spotnose Clown

Enchi Lesser Ghost

Banana Lesser 66% het Clown

OD Pastel Enchi het G-Stripe


:point_up:This one is a stunner!



Here are a few of mine that have aged pretty well!
Sulfur/Vanilla (most likely Vanilla), Black Pewter Lesser Clown (He actually looks better now than he did when he was a baby imo), Pastel Ultramel, Butter Fire Spider, and Mojave Vanilla Sulfur.


Here’s Freddy my pastel bamboo,


I love the bald head :wink:

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And while most keepers probably do not think about darks retaining their colour I tend to find they also “mute” out a bit with age. But not this girl


Ok feel like I have to post a dark one that aged well now lol

She is super super dark in person mocha yellowbelly


First and second one… wow :star_struck:

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Got to love his Vanillas! All stunning :heart_eyes:

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@saleengrinch @ballornothing @graysnake @steelserpents @reneesreptiles @madelines_morphs
Wow, so many awesome adults since I was last on, cant comment on them individually, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Ok, I get pairings are important, and buying quality, but its not that simple.
how do you know when you buy a hatchling thats its going to stay bright or retain the colours?,
do you see the adults first, or buy a few and select or breed your own and select?

Edit: for me, the one in the opening posts was bought as an adult and the other one I have that kept its colour was bought as a hatchling and was just luck


For me, it’s finding the brightest example and best example of the gene/s I want to work with and then raising them up and mixing them in. The Lesser Hypo Enchi was a product of pairing the brightest and best example I could find of a Lesser het Ghost and an Enchi Ghost. I will put pictures below. Some genes are just known to hold their brightness, such as Hypo. Other combos are known to stay bright as well, such as any combo of OD Pastel and Fire. Beyond that, I guess there is pure luck.

Here are pics of the Lesser het Ghost as a baby and the Enchi Ghost he was paired with to produe the Lesser Enchi Ghost and a picture of the Lesser Enchi Ghost as a hatchling. The fourth picture is teh OD Enchi Pastel het G-stripe as a baby.

Lesser Het Ghost (baby)

Enchi Ghost (ovulating)

Lesser Enchi Ghost (hatchling)

OD Pastel Enchi het G-Stripe (baby)