Show us your Pied stuff!

Yep. Hatched 1.1 Suma Pied from a het x het clutch. I started many Pied projects many many years ago. As cool as Pandas are, there is a reason we don’t see many of them being hatched…or they’re likely being culled.

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Hats off to all going the SUMA route…I have Mohagany stuff from 5 years ago for the price of norms I’m so glad I held onto




I’ve had her for a little over a month. She’s the one that’s been refusing to eat 96% of the time.


Anything work yet? I feel like I’ve heard pieds aren’t always the best eaters.

Albino Pied

Black Pastel Pied

Coral Glow Enchi Pied

Enchi Pin Pied

Enchi Leopard Pied

Pastel Leopard Pied
Pastel Yellow Belly Leopard Pied
Pastel Yellow Belly Pied
Pinstripe Pied
Pastel Enchi Leopard Pied
Enchi Pied
Leopard Enchi Pied


All these pies look so beautiful… Where’s my fork?

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Forgot the most recent addition and one of my favorite

Hypo Pied


I’ve heard people say Pieds are bad feeders but I’ve found that to be the opposite.
Founder het Pied female 7800g

5000g Pied from female above.

We have several females in the 4000-5000g range and haven’t see any feeding issues from our Pieds.


If I take her hide and water bowl out, and leave a rat pup (heated way more than normal) she’ll take it. I drape a towel in front of her tub so it’s completely dark as well. She’s done it for me twice.

I purchased rat fuzzies because of how tiny she was (84 grams), but her breeder had her on live rat pups. Tried the rat pup and she took it after a second heating and all the theatrics put into place. I had never heard of pieds being more stubborn to eat, so I hope that’s not true >.<

@stewart_reptiles Do you have a favorite pied?

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My experience has been the same as Brandon, I heard the rumors years ago (10/15 years), but IMO they were based on the first animals produced which may have come from animals that were poor feeders themselves.

I strongly believe that genetics and selective breeding have since made up for that, I have 4000 and 3000 grams pieds that eat without fail, produce 10 to 12 eggs with babies out of the eggs weighing at 90 grams.

I do have a favorite pied she is a single gene pied, the reason I started breeding so she is very special to me.


This year I bought into my first pied project and gotta Pumpkin male and an OD het pied female and them two are the only two that never skip a meal and I offer all my snakes every 5 days…I’m pretty sure its just like everything else with balls and sometimes they are and sometimes they arent but I’m EXTREMELY happy witj how mine eat


thats it… you win…


Leopard Pastel DH Albino/ Pied x Pastel Pied


Oh my GOSH! I love the freckles! What does this pied all have? :smiley:


My 1st guess is Mohagany…2nd guess black pastel


They are stunning, what do they have in them?

This is Tulius. I don’t know what he is other than handsome! He has blue eyes and only 2 small spots. If anyone can categorize him, thanks!