Show you clowns

So just bought a new visual clown

Now I was told it was male but when was about to check it started to urinate ( all over persons house ) so stoped what I was doing and thought to my self I want it regardless of sex.

I need to get probes and learn how to do it that way

either it’s a female or I am doing it wrong trying the pop techniques.

I have watched videos and looks simple but I bont want to press to hard

I have let him/ her settle for last 7 day and tried aging b
But nothing popping out

was hoping to breed this to my firefly het clown but like I said I wanted it regardless of sex


I just got him/her last week was told it was male but unless I am sexing it wrong it’s a female, not that I am bothered as I am getting a collection to gather and want to focuse on clown projects so male or female it ok with me

Sexing mistakes usually occur the other way around, people buying females and getting a male.

There is a high chance you are not popping properly and it’s not unusual when you are not used to it, aside from proper finger placement you also need to realize how much pressure needs to be apply and that is something you only get when someone shows you in person, not from a video.

My advice try to find someone local that can teach you and after that it’s all about practise.

Spotnose clown female we’re growing up

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Clown het hypo female we’re growing up

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I am just paranoid ab0ut applying to much pressure and hurting the animal and possibly doing damage

Also I have rehomed this snake it is ruffoy 12/18 months old o havnt bought this animal from a breeder that why not sure on sex along side my inexperience with sexing

Beautiful example of clown

pastel clown ♀️



Martin… That thing is incredible.

Yes that is incredible

What is it

Banana enchi clown

Banana enchi clown blade ?

So I notice when genes such as blade and leopard are added it helps retain the color and reduces fading when they are older. Above I have a pic of my leopard clown Male and my female normal clown. Even at this age the Male is still much more vibrant

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