Show your silly reptile pictures!

She’s so adorable!


Yes, she’s totally adorable. She’s also an absolute poop machine and is my most high-maintenance and expensive (in $$ per month) pet. Fortunately for her, I’m completely in love with her, so she’s worth all the trouble. :joy:


She looks like a big precious ball of fluffy soft fur! Who would not love her! :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit to say I think she is worth the money!!!


Chinchillas do have the softest fur on the planet. Like, that’s an actual scientific fact. They also have the densest fur of any land mammal (only sea otters have denser fur, and it’s not as fine and soft). They basically feel the way you’d think that a puffy white cloud should feel (if said cloud was not, in reality, made from water). So yes, veryvery soft.

But they also poop 300+ times a day, need to chew constantly, and have a super delicate digestive system and a tendency to swallow what they chew, so you have to be careful on what you give them to chew (and what you put in their cage, because they’ll chew everything in their cage). On top of that, mine is a brat who gets very picky about what she will or won’t chew, so keeping her supplied with safe toys she’ll actually chew is a constant battle. I’m single-handedly keeping several Etsy vendors in business. :joy:

But she’s super cute, and she’s become quite bonded to me and is unusually affectionate for a chinchilla, so she can stay.


I have read that chinchillas are quite high maintenance pets but their literal cuteness overrides efforts.

It looks like she has a super nice and spacious setup and is so very well cared for!! She is one lucky little girl Jennifer!



I love Mina’s stubby little tail. :heart: