Showing off Leif

Hey guys!

I posted a little while back about my boy Zaphod, and some of you asked to see my IMG.
Had him out today, so here’s some picture spam of Leif!

He’s an IMG het red dragon, I believe he was born mid to late 2022. I’ve had him since April.
It amazes me how in less than a year his pattern is almost completely gone! Even his belly which was mostly white has so much black on it now.
He’s just so gorgeous with that velvety black with rainbows on top. He is also extremely chill and curious and is an absolute joy to handle.
I love this little guy.
I’d love to see your IMGs, too!


He is a very nice IMG love how black he is getting. I don’t own any IMG but i might in the near future.


What a beautiful boa, I’m really liking the black.


Wow, he’s gorgeous! That’s another boa I need to add to my list of future snakes :joy:


Leif is gorgeous! It’s amazing how dark he is already.

Here’s my girl Lenore, IMG het VPI. She was born in May 2023. I’ve had her for just over a month.

Like Leif, she’s a total sweetheart. I’m really looking forward to watching her get darker.

One thing I love about IMGs is that they’re gorgeous at every stage of life. They’re beautiful as babies, and they become spectacular as they mature and the IMG takes over. Some snakes (like many ball pythons) are beautiful and vibrant as babies but become more drab as they age, and others (like my blood python) are sort of meh as babies but gain colour and beauty as they mature. But I love the look of IMGs at any age.