Showing off my P. asotus

(I think I ID’d this itty bitty baby correctly)

The other day, a teeny jumping spider came springing out of a package from amazon, and I panicked. I wasn’t sure if it was invasive (it’s not), so I captured it. Of course, 5 seconds later, I was enthralled and wanted to keep it.

Ultimately, I decided to keep it until/unless it does not thrive in my care. But it immediately built a web, molted, then ate once it emerged. It’s so small it escaped twice in one day- but it didn’t go very far (and appeared to be laughing at me while it sat there and waited for me to find it). Wonderful little fellow I’m glad to have walked into my life. :blush:

It’s extremely small, so here were the best pics I could get:


What a cute little guy! Who knows even where it originated from! And how lucky it was to find you! Sounds like it’s made itself quite at home!

Congratulations @mblaney! :+1::spider::clap: