Showing Off Some Breeders an 2019 Offspring

This is Leo and Flower, our breeder Albino Harquahala Rosy Boas. They are pure locality animals as well as albinos. Leo was produced by Shannon Brown in 2015 and Flower was produced by Jerry Hartley in 2010. This was Leo’s first year breeding for me (he was proven when I got him), and Flower’s fourth year breeding for me (virgin when I got her).

Here are some pics of the babies they produced this year.


They are gorgeous. They look like a delicious sort of sweet/candy.

I really enjoy your posts, there is always a bit of backstory.

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Thanks so much!

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Wow they are beautiful. I’ve never seen rosey boas that look like them. Very nice animals.

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The albino Harquahala line is unique. There are four known lines of albinism in rosy boas. The Harquahala line is the only line that occurs in pure desert rosy boas, the others being coastal or naturally occurring intergrades between the coastal and desert. As a result, the albino Harquahala is the only albino to exhibit the straight, clean, bold stripes that desert rosy boas are known for.


Thank you for the write up. I won’t sit here and pretend I know much about rosey genetics so I always appreciate the knowledge shared. I saw them and they took my breath away with how good they look. Quality breeding at it’s finest.

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I really love their perfect stripes running down their bodies. No breaks at all in them.