SHTCT? beautiful girl

Watcha think on morph? She’s quite red. My SHTCTB is way more yellow/orange than her.


not a clue but beautiful.

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Thank you!!:blush:

Yes it’s a super hypo tangerine carrot tail or SHTCT for short. Very nice.

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That’s what I was thinking! Thank you😁

She’s lovely! She also looks like a Baldy, so you can even go SHTCTB :smiley:

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My male is a SHTCTB, He’s listed on the bottom picture. Their colors are so different from each other.

The acronym just refers to the general set of traits they share, in terms of phenotype (e.g. B = Baldy = no spots on the head). Your geckos are most likely from different bloodlines. The only way to know for sure what bloodline(s) your geckos are from is to be informed by the person you purchased them from, and only then if the seller is reputable. (Just like knowing the strain of albino you’re working with.) It’s only something you need to know about if you ever plan to breed or sell either of them, or if you want specific bragging rights.

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