SHTCTB - questions about her eyes


While observing my newer leopard gecko. I noticed her eyes look like eclipse eyes when they are fully dialated. I will post an EXAMPLE picture below so you know what I’m talking about. My other SHTCTB eyes are normal but her pupils are like the ones in the photo. Does that mean she has eclipse in her? Just curious and thought I’d ask! I’ll try to get an actual picture of hers when I have the chance as well

With just an eye picture it’s hard to say. There are a few possible things going on here. Take a few pics of the whole animal and we can go from there.

The darker red portion of the eye is not the pupil, the pupil is still slit-shaped and in the middle of the eye in that photo. The medial and lateral aspects of the eye just have different pigmentation. This is an appearance called ‘snake eye,’ when only 1-99% of the eye is pigmented. In this case, the lighter pink part is the pigmented area, and the rest is the ‘clear eyes’ portion.

There are several morphs/mutations that result in ocular abnormalities/pigmentation changes/etc., and more are being discovered all the time. There’s no way to know which of them it is for sure without knowing the background from a reputable breeder. Eclipses tend to have finer and more irregular spotting patterns, as well as sometimes white areas on the nose and legs/feet. Marble eyes is another ocular mutation, but it doesn’t correlate with changes in body coloration. I don’t know if marble eyes can present as snake eyes- that’s a morph I know very little about. NDBE can also cause eye mutations, but I think that’s mostly microphthalmia (tiny eyes). There is also something called ‘Blue Amber Eye’ from the Tremper/Bergman folks, but I know little about it.

tl;dr The gecko in the photo is most likely an eclipse but it could be other stuff.

I’m aware of what the pupil is. Hehe

My profile picture is her. But I cannot seem to get a picture of her eyes when her pupils are fully dialated. Lol

Sorry about the picture by the way, I guess I could’ve drawn an example of how her eyes looked😂

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Here are some pictures I got of my sweet sunshine, as I had posted before. Her pupils are more towards the front of her face than in the middle, why? My other leos are right in the middle. Just curious as to why they would be that way. Shes a SHTCTB, I believe.


Look at that smile! It’s a bit hard to tell for sure (you’d probably need a boarded veterinary ophthalmologist familiar with reptiles), but if it is ‘crossed eyes,’ the technical term is ‘strabismus.’

In mammals, that sort of thing is generally from birth (‘congenital’) and often genetic (‘heritable/hereditary’). Sometimes it is correlated with neurologic signs, but very often not, and generally not harmful. So that would be my guess. Most likely not a problem, unless you’ve noticed any difficulties or strange behavior? She might benefit from an extra-simple, consistent cage layout, if you’ve noticed that she has difficulty navigating.

I’ll go drag my ophthalmology text out of my car and I’ll edit this if I find any new info of use.

edit- everything I read seemed to support the idea that any ‘medial strabismus’ -crossed eyes- is most likely something she was born with, if both eyes are doing the same thing and there are no other symptoms. Watch her to see if she has any problems with balance or holds her head funny.


She does great walking around! No issues with holding her head either. She’s such a sweetheart, her smile melts my heart :heart_eyes::two_hearts:

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They don’t seem to be crossed either!

What did you mean by ‘her pupils are more towards the front of her face,’ then?

That is my males pupils (his are right in the middle of his eye)

If you look at my females they are more towards the front of her eyes not centered.

My previous post that I had made about this I was curious if she has eclipse in her because of the way her pupils are located. I just need to shut up and admire her unique eyes and stop bombarding people with silly questions. Lol

Feeding her today, I just noticed she may have issues with her vision. I tong feed her and she misses almost every time!

Sounds like she is cross-eyed to me. She looks like it too. They don’t have to be all the way to the front corners of her eyes to be crossed. Best to not breed her unless you want to run the risk of passing it on to babies.


I’m starting to think so as well. Bless her heart.

Agreed- sounds like she’s got a genuine (though probably minor) neuro condition. Definitely don’t breed her, but she’s adorable and makes a stunning pet!