Sick beardy at a friend's!?

So my buddy works at a shop. He called me because we have a beardy. The one at the shop, Jack, is saggy and lethargic. I have not experienced any sickness symptoms ever with Talla. But to me, as he did a skin pinch, that didn’t snap back tight; Jack must be dehydrated!?!? So I recommend clear unflavoured Pedialyte, as the shop has no electrolyte soak!? It there anything else we can do!?!?


Depending on how old they are and how they are kept it can be a lot of different things. Dehydration can be a symptom of anything from just a poor habitat to a poor diet to infection.

Pedialyte is a good start. You can try something like a banana baby food or unsweetened apple sauce with a sprinkle of vitamins and calcium mixed in to get some calories in. But it sounds like Jack will need a trip to the vet for anything past that.

Keep him properly warm as well. Don’t leave any live feeder insects with him as they can just cause more stress or nibble on his toes or face if he’s weak.