Sick to my stomach

I came home this evening to find one of my blood pythons had died. I bought her a little over 1 month ago from a nearby hobbyist whose breeding project plans had changed.
I had planned to breed her with another blood I got from the same source, but now all the expense is wasted.
And I feel like vomiting.

I am just stunned and would like to talk with someone as I don’t have any other options and am trying to calm down.

I feel that too. I am so sorry

Everyone else seems fine, as she had until tonight.
She was grumpy, but handleable.
She ate twice, and everything else seemed normal.
I looked in on my snakes, and she seemed to be in an odd position, so I opened her cage and prodded her, but got no reaction.


She was beautiful, do you have any idea what went wrong?

I hope that one day I can own a blood python

I’ve had snakes for years (mostly rescues) and had some die, but I had decided to invest in some higher-end snakes and breed them to sell babies.
This really has shaken me, and I’m considering selling them, because I don’t think I can handle another loss like this (emotionally or financially).

I get that feeling

I’ve been working really hard at my job and gotten some promotions/raises before this whole COVID-19 stuff happened.
I had some money saved up and decided to invest it in quality snakes instead of having it sit collecting minimal interest in my bank account.

No, I don’t know why she died. That’s why this is really sickening me.
Back when I would rescue snakes, I’d get a snake, for instance, that didn’t eat regularly, according to the former owner.
I would provide it with an appropriate environment, and it would eat regularly for me, but then die. I guess it just hadn’t gotten the nourishment it needed, so my good care of it was too late to make a difference.

Those rescued snakes would be free or a small dollar amount, but this snake was a LOT of money. The previous owner had her for a year or more, she was a 2018, and he said she was eating regularly. She didn’t seem underweight and she ate fine the two times I fed her (I was told she ate every other week).

I have a boa named Kai. I bought him at a pet store and later found out that he has a spinal kink

She was a bit touchy, but never struck. I didn’t handle her much - just gently but swiftly transferring her to a tub so I could clean her cage.

was she a morph type?

Oh yeah, I saw your post about that here. I saw the photo too.
I’m sorry that happened. Does it affect him?

Yeah, a goldeneye het T negative.

If I buy another snake like her again, I’m buying direct from a breeder.

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no not really he has some trouble shedding

:sob: she was going to be a wornderful pet and breeder

Again I am sorry for your loss
I feel that life can througt some stuff at us that we don’t see coming, or expect
I will pray for you if you don’t mind

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