Sickly cresty

We’ve had this young girl for about a month. She came in at 21 grams. The first week jumped up to 23 but since has dropped down to 18. Seems real lethargic. Won’t take food even if you put it on her nose. I’ve seen her take a few licks of water but nothing crazy. I’m also not home 24/7. Does anybody have any last stitch efforts or cheat codes before I take her to her vet appt almost a week and a half out.


Is she drinking?
What insects have you tried too?

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I’ve seen her take a few licks after misting. But nothing substantial. And she’s turned down meal worms and. Dubias

Do you have a picture of her enclosure? What is the temperature gradient?

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I don’t have a picture of it and she doesn’t have a heat source so the temp fluctuates from night to day in the room but no gradient in the enclosure. At night it drops down to 65 up to 74 during the day.

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I was thinking that it was lethargy from low temperature, since that can cause it, but if it gets to the low 70s I don’t think that’s the problem. How often has she eaten since you’ve gotten her.

Meal worms are a NOOOOOO.
Cresties can’t digest properly, so do not carry on trying them as you will have a sick Crestie then…
Dubia, most of mine won’t touch either.

Try Crickets, cresties fav usually!
You can gut feed them with the repashy too.

What repashy/Pangea flavours are you using?

Have you contacted breeder?


I agree, no meal worms.

Try Wax worms - as a treat though. Mine go crazy for them.

I also feed locusts, but most mine like dubia roaches.

What’s the humidity levels throughout day/night?

Pic of enclosure might help as it could be enclosure related.

Have you tried putting food on her nose without holding her, she may be scared of you.


I didn’t know that about meal worms. Right now I’ve been rotating watermelon and I can’t remember what the orange bag is. Mango apricot something like that. But you can occasionally tell she’s messed with it overnight. And she gets fed every other day

I’ll have to post a pic of it when I get home. Humidity stays in my house about 45% and spikes to the high 60’s at night naturally but they get lightly misted at night so it jumps up to the mid 80’s briefly. I didn’t think about putting it on her nose while she’s in the enclosure cause I definitely had her out while I tried. I’ll try again tomorrow w her inside then leave her alone for a bit. And I have some wax worms I’ll try giving her one as well.

Is she passing droppings okay?

Try crickets.

Also try the fig ones, they seem to go mad over them!


It sounds like she may be dehydrated as 45% humidity is too low. Try misting more regularly to up the humidity to keep it at 80% then she might eat more & be more active.

Pangea Fig & insects is also a fav with my Cresties. Try adding reptile safe bee pollen to grab her interest, or buy reptile supplies crested gecko mix as it already contains bee pollen.


Sorry your crestie isn’t doing well, she’s a cutie.

I’m certainly no expert, but my previous roommate had a crestie who was a bit of a picky eater in regards to insects (though he’d eat any brand or flavour of crestie food mix…so long as it was the right consistency, he wouldn’t touch it if it was too watery :person_shrugging:). He’d only eat crickets. And they had to be small crickets, or on the smaller side of what’s normally sold as “medium.” He was certainly physically capable of eating larger ones, he just refused to touch them. We also tried waxworms and three different types of roaches, and he wouldn’t show any interest in any of it. Just small crickets and pasty crestie mix.

So yeah, you might try experimenting with different types and sizes of feeders. And experiment with different ways of feeding them. You can try tong feeding, free-feeding so she can hunt them, or squishing their heads and putting them in a bowl (so they’ll twitch around a bit but will stay in the bowl). Since it sounds like she’s weak and lethargic, tong and bowl feeding might be your best bet, at least for now.

I hope you’re able to get her eating, and that it’s just a question of her being picky rather than her being sick.


Positive update:
Still not jumping or climbing or anything but she’s a little more responsive. When I reached my hand in there to put her food in she at least was responsive and moved away from me. Before she wouldn’t even move. I put a bit of food on her nose and she took a few licks. Again before she just let it set there. I also stuck a few more fake plants in there to give her a little more hiding opportunities since I noticed her trying to curl up in the corner and it hurt my heart a little


Update. Saw her climbing for the first time yesterday. Didn’t get a great picture because I’m trying to really leave her alone aside from feeding and misting but still progress for sure.


Glad she’s on the move a little :crossed_fingers: hope she continues to improve​:crossed_fingers:

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She looks so much better!


Good luck! Hope she gets better soon! :slight_smile: