Signs that a rat is pregnant

So my rats have started building nest. Does this mean one of them are pregnant? I currently have 1.3 rats.

You can move this to the proper category but this is all part of breeding ball pythons as this is their food.

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Usually when my females start nesting it’s a sign of them getting ready to have a litter, yes. You can also look at their bellies, preggo rats are pretty round and the closer they get to giving birth, the more obvious it is!

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They looked a little plump and they were ripping up other stuff in their cage so I added newspper strips to the cge last night. Woke up this morning to a huge nest lol


Does she look pregnant? She is plump and the hair looks to be falling off around her nipples


You should be able to see or feel them moving. But if she has a big nest built, it will not be long until she has them.

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