Silly baby wont eat :(

Help? Got a new baby blood almost a month ago now and still no luck getting her to eat. I’m not too worried yet, she’s a healthy weight and looks good, but ???

Temperature and humidity is all perfect, she has 3 hides and a water dish and lots of foliage/cover

So my question is when should I start worrying? I’m going to try live next since she’s disinterested in ft. I’ve tried warming it, opening the skull, wiggling it/making it seem alive, leaving it overnight

Anyone else had an issue with an obstinate baby blood? Any tips or tricks?


First- it’s a bit mean to call a baby snake in a new situation an idiot. Yes, your frustrated cause you want things to be different, but this really isn’t the baby’s fault. They just don’t know any better.

I would try contacting the breeder and set this little one EXACTLY as the breeder had started. If this baby was in a tub on paper towels, put them in that tub again. Personally, I put ANY new snake on paper towels until they have been monitored for 90 days and are eating reliably.

Double check exactly what this baby was being fed as well. If it was something like live African soft furs that may suck a bit but try that and once they’re established, then try switching them over.


Don’t worry I don’t mean it I’m just nervous, I know its not her fault :sweat_smile: That’s a good idea, I’ll contact him asap thank you!!


She may need to be in a smaller enclosure that makes her feel more secure. But yes just as
@armiyana said, it’s best to try to mimic the exact set up and feeding method the breeder was using to raise up this sweet little baby blood. This little snake is probably just as nervous with you as you are with her…….


Live would be the first step, just monitor the rodent while it’s in there. Looks in good shape to me, but of course be on the lookout for any signs of a health problem. Like holding mouth slightly open, or any discharge or bubbles coming out from the mouth, ect.


They prefer to be buried in the substrate to using hides. Try giving it a deep layer of coco husk or something else it can burrow under. Mine spends most of it’s time with only it’s head exposed. In their native habitat they hide under leaf litter while they wait to ambush.


Thanks all, I got her in a much smaller tub and tried a live pinky rat and she took it instantly! What a relief phew :relaxed::blush:


Woohoo! Sometimes closer quarters make a snake feel safer and more secure which in turn makes them tend to eat more willingly.

Glad to hear she ate for you!! :tada::+1::snake: