Silver bullet anerythristic

I know of only one person in the United States who has worked with these gene. But he hasn’t touched the project in 10 years. Out of curiosity does anyone know of someone that does work with the project? Or even someone in Europe that is? I seen Crisp had a litter in '22.

  • only asking because I’m on the fence about doing some work with the gene. From my understanding it needs alot of work. But those sb kahl’s look pretty nice and i have a few ideas i wanted to try.

I am not familiar with “Silver Bullet Anery”. What genes besides Anery are involved?

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Nothing else. It is similar to anery type one. But stays lighter unlike anery 1 that gets darker as the boa ages. Plus it isn’t compatible with any other anery.


Hello! I don’t know a whole lot about the gene but, I know Big Mike from Basically Boas was working with it, then I think he sold the project to Carlos Rojas of Morphs Unleashed. I only know this much cause Carlos mentions it in an episode of Boa Rack podcast he started in 2020. I believe it the episode with John Chausmer. He doesn’t talk about it, but he mentions it. So I would try to get a hold of Carlos.

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I spoke wtih mike about the gene.

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What did Mike have to say about the gene .As this has peaked my curiosity as I have some sharp boas that the father originally came from Mike . Well many years later I breed a mom and son from the breeding and ended up with a very light Sunglow and a different looking Ghost boa. So I then took the male super Sunglow het Anery ? And breed it to a Anery type one and no Anery babies .
Below are the sibling I refer to
Thank you


Basically he didn’t do much with the project because of a lack of interest. From my understanding the gene isn’t compatible with any other form of anery. He does have some stuff put up on his web page. But it probably be better to ask him about your pairing and what he believes.

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