Silver mojave pieds?

Hmm, my babies had their first shed. Before she’d they had a lot of silver on them, I chalked it up pre-shed and color not completely in yet. Well now they shed and are still silver. The female Cora has less silver then Artemis but weird. I thought mojave pieds were gold with sometimes black outlined patches and white body. Mine are silver, goldish and white. Artemis is squirrelly.



Wow! Gorgeous babies! Can’t wait to hear from an expert about what these could be. Makes me think more of the urban camo look with the softly blended patches of color but that would be more just tones of gray and not this combination of peach, gold and silver. Whatever the combo is I just want the recipe. They are LOVELY!


I assumed they were champagne pied!
Either way they’re Cute lil guys :snake::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s pretty normal for Mojave Pieds. They’re extremely variable and it should develop the black outline of the saddles and they will take on more color over time. Beautiful animal.


Champagne pied is high white!


You learn something new every day, not a morph I ever had or looked into but The colouring looks very similar…
I now have to go and look online at some :sweat_smile:

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By high-white he means entirely white except for the head, and sometimes even that is white. In the same manner as Pied Spiders