Silver Streak Pin help

Hi all
Last season I hatched out 2 silver streak pins het hypo pied which i have as holdbacks. Some of the clutch mates i questionsed whether they were hypo ( and shed clear) and the sire had a secret het hypo gene.
Either the het hypo is having a large influence or they might be hypo?? If you have any photos of silver streak pins to compare iI would be grateful.
Attached is a photo of my holdbacks


Both hypo and clown can have an influence in the heterozygous form. I have 4x double het hypo clowns and I can tell them from a normal easily. Id assume the influence would come out more with certain morphs. Not saying that is the case, but it could be.

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All of the photos i have seen of silver streak pins have been darker ( my 2 seem very gold in comparison) which is why i question if these maybe hypo. The black spotting on them is also a grey rather than black and i am unsure if this is also normal for silver streak pins??