Silver streak specter pied

I’m interested in making the silver streak specter pied.

Below are the morphs I have and their sex, based on the given information how should I go about making one:

Black pastel fire 0.1

Super pastel 0.2

Pied 0.1

Banana yellowbelly pied 1.0

Sterling kingpin 1.0

Pewter vanilla yellowbelly 1.0

Specter 0.1

If need be I can buy other morphs/genes

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I think you would be best off buying better males, the males you have aren’t that helpful to this project. Do you mind having extra genes in the final product? What’s the timeline for this project? If you start with good males I think you could finish this in 3 generations if you get lucky with good offspring probability.


Thats exactly why I asked cause the extra genes are going to throw it off and I definitely don’t want em.

I’m in no rush to get it done so I have time to get other males.

So maybe just get a single Pied male and super pastel male?

I would think pairing a male pied (if possible with [super] black pastel or specter) with one of your super pastels to make het pied pastels. Also pair that male with your Black pastel fire to make 1/2 black pastel het pied and 1/2 het pied additionally half will be fire. If possible you could sell the hatchlings that aren’t black pastel. You might also want to pair that male with your specter to make het piebald specters.
You then end up with the following hatchlings:
Pastel Het Pieds
Black Pastel Het Pied [Fires]
Maybe Specter Het Pieds

Depending on how many of these hatchlings you get you could try pairing your Pastel Het Pieds to your Black Pastel Het Pied [Fires]. You could then possibly pair the offspring to specter het pieds.
I’m starting to confuse myself here so I’m just going to stop now :joy:


Thanks for your time lol, I’m gonna reread this a few times but i get the gist/jist(?) of it.

Gonna look into a few supers, and probably a single gene male pied.

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Most likely ill get a single gene male pied and put him to all the females ( my super pastel, black pastel fire, specter 1 year) and go from there

Might have to buy / make three supers but ill figure it out lol

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You will most likely end up with an extreme high white pied in that combo. If your wanting more pattern you may want to add a gene that will give you more pattern. Enchi is allelic with black pastel and would work well imo! Best of luck sounds like a fun project!


Thanks for the info!!

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