Simp- ball python

Does anyone here remember a description of a ball python being “simp”? It’s been a very very long time but I seem to remember that a ball python can kind of look like it’s carrying a gene but it really isn’t and is usually next to an egg with a ball python actually carrying the gene. They might be what could be considered low expression but when you breed them the gene in question never gets passed down. I’m looking for more info on it but having no luck. I though Ralph Davis figured this all out but like I said this was a long long time ago. Thanks


There was a lot of voodoo ‘biology’ thrown around back then. Like all that Hidden Gene Lesser/Hidden Gene Woma/Granite nonsense NERD ‘figured out’. What you’re describing is not possible if I understand you correctly. A color gene is either inherited or it is isn’t, and would have to be expressed if it was in fact inherited. An exception to this that I can think of is something people used to call Jaguar that was due to environmental/incubation issues and while it affected the pattern it wasn’t heritable.