Single gene pied or more?

Here’s my newest female pied, Florence. I bought her from a local reptile shop (mostly because of her happy smiley face/emoji marking), who hard bought her from a hobby breeder. They bought her as a single gene pied, but could she possibly have something else at play? Some of her pied markings lack the dark border that most normal, single-gene pieds have.

She’s a corker either way. I saw her strike feed on a defrost mouse in the shop on a Thursday, put down a deposit on her, went back to pick her up the next Wednesday. She was due to feed the next day and did despite moving in. She’s an absolute trooper.


Looks single gene. A lot of lines have a full dorsal stripe.


It looks like a single gene to me too.
In the future when you get snakes it’s best to let them settle in for at least a week without feeding or disturbing.

I’ve been keeping snakes for 20 years.

I will always offer a new acquisition a meal when it is due for it’s next feed, regardless of when it came home. I’m fully prepared for it to refuse but this girl strike fed in seconds.

She did only have a <15 minute drive from the shop to my house, so a low stress amount of travel. If she’d have come via overnight reptile courier, then maybe she’d have been less keen.

It’s not like she’s been sent through the mail in a cardboard box :joy: I still think it’s insane that it’s legal in the US.


They’ve got her brother still at the shop, which is a much lower white pied, with much more crazy markings. He looked like an Enchi pied to me when I saw him, so I asked if he was “just a pied”. The chap at the shop said he thought both the brother and sister looked like “Fire pieds or something” to him.

Fire isn’t a gene I’ve really looked at much, so I wouldn’t know a Fire pied if it bit me in the face :joy:

I’m happy for her to be a plain-Jane single gene pied. I’ve got a Super Banana Enchi 100% het pied to put her with in the future. I love Banana Pieds :heart:

She is definitely a visual pied (two copies of the gene) and I don’t see any additional things that would make me think that other genes at play.

I don’t see fire in her as I believe she would be much lighter in colour.

I would say just pied as visable genetics.

She is pretty, I love pieds - hubby’s favourite morph.

The recommendation is more due to the new environment then the travel. Everybody has their own way of doing things and if your ways works then great.