Single most expensive morph

What is the most expensive single gene ball python and why?
Also what is most expensive recessive trait?


It’s hard to say exactly because it’s constantly changing and most of the snakes listed for sale aren’t single gene, but rather combos. Plus the fact that some of the newest and most expensive morphs might not even be publicly available for sale yet. However if you go to the MorphMarket sales and sort by most expensive, you’ll see Stranger, Carbon, Sunset, Tri-Stripe, Monsoon and Mandarin combos, so most likely one of those


I think the most expensive consistent single gene Is acid from what I’m looking at and from the looks not to many combos have been made

You can get into acid for under 2K, monsoons and mandarins are over 10K

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Where as a Acid het pied is in the $3,000 - $4,000 mark (still very expensive compared to my own budget), some of the ones @chesterhf mentioned are in the $15,000 - $25,000 mark.

The most expensive Acid sold on Morphmarket (that’s price is public) went for $12,500.

The most expensive BP in general that has sold (that’s price is public) was a Scaleless het that sold for $45,000.

One of the most expensive (if not the most expensive(that’s price is public)) at the moment is a Carbon Fire Clown at $15,000.

Its like selling antiques, what is worth $10,000 to someone is only worth $100 to someone else. It’s about timing, pre and post advertising and good reputation (and a lot of other things)


Your right I haven’t gotten that far down the list yet

I think sunset?

There have been so many over the years. The first leucys were over a hundred grand. So was the first scaleless. Some coral glow combos were over 60 grand. The first albinos were 10 grand, the first piebalds were 25 grand. Pastels and spiders were over $20 grand each, and the first combo, bumblebee, was $45 grand. Prices for single genes fall fast in this industry, the real value is in hard to make combos and selective breeding.

The first Banana combo was a clown that was sold for over 200k.

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I think sunset is at the point where people havn’t seen enough of it but it’s being coveted keeping the price up until we do we won’t know where it’s heading. I see it browns out a lot as an adult. Mixed with a sustainer gene or enhancers might help or we could see sunsets in a couple years next to the low end. Only time tells on a lot of things, if the demand isn’t there it’ll drop.

I think sunset may retain most of it’s value. It’s a very pretty snake which has a completely unique look which will automatically make it an eye catcher. If the value drops i still couldn’t see a single gene sunset going for under 3 grand

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