Size Tub For Adult Female

Is a CB 70 (40qt) size over kill for your average breeder females? I see some talk about something like the 50 or 55 series from ars or the 40 from freedom breeder being enough room for most breeding females and even to breed in.

What sizes do you keep your average and larger females in?

What is your grow out rack size if you even use one?

When is a good weight to graduate one from something like a 23 qt or 28qt to the 41qt or preferred size?

The rack I just built is FB-70 tubs and I will be using it for both my males and females, adult and juvenile. I like for my little guys to have plenty of room to scoot around, and I will still be putting in hides, water bowls, branches, substrate and other enrichment. All of mine have always done great in a large size tub or tank as long as there’s plenty of clutter.

Anything below 400 grams I’ll put in a 23 or 28qt, anything above in the big tubs


Up to 2500 grams they are in a 32 quarts above that V70, I plan to upgrade some 3500/4000 grams females this year to something even bigger a V70 are tight.


I don’t think CB 70s are overkill. Granted some females are smaller than others, but all the ones I’ve kept for 3-5 years or more get over 2000g and that’s when I move them up. I have a few smaller/younger females in 23qt tubs, but I expect them all to move up eventually.

My grow out racks are all V-6’s, with 11qt and 23qt tubs, so it goes something like this:
<200g - hatchling rack
200-500g - 11qt
500-2000g - 23qt
2000g+ - CB70 (the ones I use are 37qts)

Sometimes I keep snakes in the 11qt a little longer if they don’t transition to the 23qt well, so it can be 200-600g or 700g sometimes, but usually I switch them over at 500g.