Skip pre-lay shed

My big leopard has been sitting on 38-40mm ( or bigger) what appears to be follicles. They are difficult to see for about a month now. She shed around the same time we first seen the big follicles ( its fun having an ultrasound machine and can watch them grow) before that ultrasound they were around 32-35mm depending on which one we measured on this ultrasound and they were easy to see. I am thinking by her behavior ( perfect coil, this morning was belly up, on the hot side has nest built) i missed ovy and since i am still learning to ultrasound it is possible i mis-measured. She is still glowing, off feed. The last shed around a month ago was pre-lay or she skipped pre-lay?

I had a girl sit there for a long time , I missed ovy so I watched thinking I missed her shed and didn’t start counting right, but she took a long time for the PLS … I’m guessing she will give you a shed and is taking her time.