Skittles sold

So the infamous skittles has sold. Dont know if it was for the price listed, but it appears to have finally gone through.

Just a curiosity, as for listed prices its the 3rd most expensive snake to sell on MM (though im pretty sure the #1 was just a generic price to ask for inquiries.


Cant see why a paradox would sell for so much as its not genetically passed on, unless there is a very rich buyer that wants what they want at any cost.
I guess I answered my own question :expressionless:

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I think he’s a chimera.
When 2 ‘twins’ form together, hence the eyes and body colour.
Like the others up for sale, but yeah I haven’t a clue why so much, here in the uk, where you are, paradox now are selling for basically the same price as the morph with No paradoxing…


I thought chimera had problems unlike paradox? So shouldn’t it be cheeper?
Anyway, yepp im in the UK :slight_smile: :uk:


Well she has produced paradoxes, seven of them five of them have one pink eye and one black eye.


Ok that’s interesting, but not totally unexpected if a mutant/chimera, a paradox which is different to A chimer though is usually not genetically reproduced and doesn’t come with potential chimer problems which is all I stated.

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Its pet buyers, not breeders. Its specifically because a paradox/chimera cant be specifically bred for that makes them rare/valueble. It was definitely a collector that would have bought is my guess.

Edited to add: chimeras and paradoxes arent the same, but generally neither is genetically passed on, so it increases rarity and uniqueness for those buying pets. If skittles has been consistantly producing chimeras, then that would definitely explain the price.

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One with lots and lots of money :money_mouth_face: :face_with_peeking_eye: unlike me unfortunately :roll_eyes:

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I remember when pictures of this snake started circulating. Most of the hobby knew it was probably just a pewter albino pied. The price has changed a lot over the years. I have really hard time believing someone paid $45k for it when it was listed for $25-28k for several years. I’d have to see it to believe it honestly.


:point_up: This!!!


I’m pretty sure it was listed as “on hold” for a bit a few years ago, and then went back up on the market for a even higher price

So I’m a bit skeptical she actually sold for that price