Slithering Love 😍

Some more snake lovin here at D & Jo’s :heart_eyes::heart::heart_eyes:

Leopard Candy poss het Pied x Pied

Leopard Clown x Spotnose Het Clown (Talk about burying your Head lol :joy:)

D/H Tornado/ Sandstorm x P/D/H Tornado/ Sandstorm

Mardi Gras x Badly Stained Ivory from the Husk because she close to shedding :scream:

Super Gravel x Highway

Super Pastel Desert Ghost x Het Desert Ghost

Lemonblast Pied x Coral Glow Enchi Pied

GHI Mojave x Yellowbelly

Mojave het Ghost Pied x Pied

GHI Black Pewter x Orange Dream Microscale

Coral Glow (female maker) Spinnerblast Het Pied x Phantom Gravel

Banana Clown x Leopard Pastel 66% het Clown

Tornado x Tornado


Every time I’m on the community, you on the community! Showing off all your awesome breeding pics! That’s it take this! Also from last night! Super phantom, super coral glow x my weird line of phantom & microscale pinstripe, x gold blush, Mojave :joy: joking but you seriously have a ton of cool stuff you working with, making me jealous!! Keep it up!


Lol So ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG is i ! :joy:
, I’ve just been checking for locks now as it happens so I’ll be posting again tomorrow but now we in competition don’t be surprised if mine are all kinds of colours (with a little help from photoshop) lol

Joking aside
Have a great season buddy and may the Odds Gods shine down on you :+1:

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Thanks! You too! Ya know I sacrifice rodents to serpents all year long just to appease the very temperamental egg odds god! I too am getting locks yesterday and today. Show me your pics and I’ll show you mine. Tomorrow buddy!:+1: