Small Asian Water Monitors

NERD, and probably others are breeding small water monitors. My Jewel is now 2 years old. She is not much bigger then a female Argus Monitor.

(Sorry about the wierd selfie, but she was on my head) she is a 4th generation NERD captive bred monitor and about 1/4 the size i thought she would be. Even if she doubles her size, she will still be small enough to easily keep indoors in a large enclosurs. ( im still planning a room for her habitat, but it will be huge) I just thought i would mention how small she is, in case anyone has been dreaming of a water monitor, but doesn’t have room for a huge lizard in their home.


She’s adorable!! :heart_eyes:


Awww, she’s a doll! And yeah, she looks like a pretty manageable size (by monitor standards, that’s still a pretty big lizard!). It is good to know/see that they’re not always huge.

Females tend to be a good deal smaller than males, yes?


These guys have also been on my want list but it probably won’t happen because I am in Florida. But thank you for sharing this @toadhall.


She is really cool! Thank you for sharing! :snake::frog::lizard::blush:

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I think the NERD line Asian Water Monitors are super cool. I like to vicariously enjoy them through owners like you! It’s an adorable selfie!